Energy self sufficiency in your home

Two opportunities exist to beat energy cost rises through self-sufficiency via solar panels

  • Off-grid Self-sufficiency allows you to power a bungalow, a shed or even a small house. 
    This method consists of solar panels, a charge controler, batteries and an inverter. A 1000WC installation can be used to power a few bulbs, A small kettle, a computer and any low-energy consuming devices. The overall cost is about 3000EUR
  • On grid self-sufficiency connected to the grid, with or without a battery, you can produce and use your own energy and what you don’t use you can sell to EDF. For a 3Kw installation the overall cost is roughly 6000EUR. The cost over 20 years is currently 8cEUR per kWh, whereas the KWH sold by EDF is over 14cEUR per kWh.
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