Wood pellet stove

Choose aesthetics and reliability with the help of EasyVolt

Pellet stoves are the best compromise between aesthetics, functionality and low energy cost. They are customizable, and have great autonomy, thanks partly to their optimized performance and storage compartment of granules in the stove. From a practical point of view, pellet stoves can avoid the constraints of storing and drying wood. Moreover, for the same efficiency they require smaller pipes, causing less smoke.

EasyVolt brings its experience and knowledge of pellet stoves, and provides sound advice and a vast range of available products.

Moreover, our professionals have analysis software that allows them to optimize the installation in security.

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The EasyVolt deal for the installation of a pellet stove :

  • Maintenance for 1 year.
  • Provision and Installation of a fire alarm to meet the standard EN14604, to be applied since March 2015.
  • One can of cleaning product.
  • Ability to manage the delivery of the first pallet of pellets (Piveteau).

Please note :
EasyVolt also offers its service on stoves installed by other professionals;
Possibility of pellet delivery.

EasyVolt Advice : For optimal performance, choose the pellets certified "DIN +."

EasyVolt is a partner of Ecofuel Condat (87), distributors of "DIN +" pellets, brand Piveteau.
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