Simplicity, durability, economy

At a time of soaring energy prices, and awareness of all the carbon footprint, the wood stove is an economical and ecological solution that should not be overlooked. Furthermore, this equipment has changed significantly, especially in terms of design.
The wood stove is simple to implement and maintain. A natural or forced convection is the most affordable stove, and they now contribute to the quality of the interior decoration.

EasyVolt study your needs and determine which stove best suits your needs, in accordance with your taste.

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Please note :

  • For better performance and optimized combustion, choose dry wood (20% moisture, 18 months drying) ;
  • If you need to dry your wood, the ideal solution is to store it in a 1m pile, covered only on the top.
  • Good to know : according to the length of the logs, the stère of wood will not be the same volume. 1 cubic meter = 1 m3 of 1m logs. Lengthways, with 50 cm logs, 1m3 = 1.25 cubic meter, and with 33 cm logs, 1m3 = 1.42 stère ... Think about it when ordering wood !

EasyVolt Advice

  • Add the wood to your stove gradually over long cycles. Overloading as it starts heating affects the performance of the stove and clogs the pipes. Similarly, short periods of heating reduce efficiency.
  • According to regulations, the stove must be swept twice a year, once during the heating season.

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